Date: 10th March 2015
Gwen Stefani talks about The Ultraviolet Edge
Date: 2nd February 2015
Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
Date: 20th January 2015 interview
Date: 16th January 2015
E! News Interview and Paddington featurette
Date: 10th December 2014
E! Online
Date: 1st December 2014
The Voice red carpet interview
Date: 1st December 2014
Good Morning America
Date: 1st December 2014
Access Hollywood
Date: 24th November 2014
The Ellen Show
Date: 18th November 2014
Today Show
Date: 17th November 2014
BuzzFeed Brews
Date: 29th October 2014
Interview on the set of The Voice
Date: 20th October 2014
AMP Radion 97.1 Seconds with Gwen Stefani
Date: 20th October 2014
Gwen Stefani on with Valentine In The Morning
Date: 20th October 2014
Interview with Carson Daly on 97.1 Amp Radio
Date: 20th October 2014
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Date: 16th October 2014
HSN Interview
Date: 11th October 2014
Interview with Gwen and Gavin on the set of The Voice
Date: 7th October 2014
The Voice set interview
Date: 24th September 2014
MTV UK Interview
Date: 26rh September 2014
Interview backstage at the Global Citizen Festival
Date: 23rd September 2014
msnbc Interview
Date: 22nd September 2014
Today Show Interview
Date: 19th September 2014
Associated Press Interview
Date: 9th September 2014
CNN Interview
Date: 8th September 2014
The Voice Behind The Scenes Interview
Date: 8th September 2014
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Date: 3rd September 2014
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Date: 1st September 2014
The Voice
Date: 14th August 2014
Access Hollywood
Date: 14th July 2014
Access Hollywood
Date: 5th May 2014
Today Show
Date: May 2013
Voguepedia Style Anecdote
Date: 7th November 2012 interview
Date: 5th November 2012 interview
Date: 29th October 2012
Universal Music Germany
Date: 10th October 2012
ITV's This Morning
Date: 29th September 2012
TV4 Interview
Date: 27th September 2012
VH1 News
Date: 27th September 2012
Date: 26th September 2012
MSN Canada
Date: 25th September 2012
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Date: 24th September 2012
Date: 24th September 2012
E! Special
Date: 23rd September 2012
CBS Sunday Morning
Date: 21st September 2012
iHeart Radio Music Festival backstage interview
Date: 19th September 2012
iHeart Radio interview
Date: 15th September 2012
Webisode 6 - Final days in the studio
Date: 14th September 2012
MTV interview
Date: 6th September 2012 interview
Date: 5th September 2012
NFL Kick-Off concert backstage interview
Date: July 2012
Harper's Bazaar's The Look interview
Date: July 2012
Guitar Center interview
Date: 16th July 2012
E! Special: Settle Down premiere interview
Date: 26th June 2012
Webisode 2 - In the studio
Date: 8th May 2012
Webisode 1 - In the studio
Date: 2nd February 2012
Access Hollywood Interview
Date: 12th November 2011
A Bullseye View Interview
Date: 18th February 2011
Elle Women in Music Documentary
Date: 16th February 2011
Access Hollywood Interview
Date: 2010
Fishbone Documentary
Date: 15th September 2010
Access Hollywood Interview
Date: 14th September 2010
Teen Vogue Interview
Date: 10th February 2010
Access Hollywood Interview
Date: 11th September 2009
Access Hollywood Interview
Date: 22nd May 2009
CNN Interview
Date: 15th May 2009
Last Call with Carson Daly
Date: 1st May 2009
Today Show
Date: 29th April 2009
Date: 16th April 2009
What's the deal with 'Gossip Girl'?
Date: 6th March 2009
7 Days of No Doubt - day 7
Date: 5th March 2009
7 Days of No Doubt - day 6
Date: 4th March 2009
7 Days of No Doubt - day 5
Date: 3rd March 2009
7 Days of No Doubt - day 4
Date: 2nd March 2009
7 Days of No Doubt - day 3
Date: 1st March 2009
7 Days of No Doubt - day 2
Date: 28th February 2009
7 Days of No Doubt - day 1
Date: January 2008
Harajuku Lovers Perfume Interview
Date: 29th October 2007
Gwen Stefani chatting with Johnjay and Rich before the show in Tucson
Date: 27th October 2007
KIIS FM Homecoming
Date: 6th September 2007
Fashion Rocks Interview
Date: 4th September 2007
Access Hollywood
Date: 4th September 2007
Extra TV
Date: 19th July 2007
Making The Video - Now That You Got It
Date: 17th July 2007
Interview in Puerto Rico
Date: 12th May 2007
Essential Gwen Stefani
Date: 8th May 2007
Date: 5th May 2007
The Culture Show
Date: 1st April 2007
American Idol
Date: 11th March 2007
Date: 3rd March 2007
Date: 27th February 2007
MTV Hits News
Date: 23rd February 2007
Charlotte Church Show
Date: 9th February 2007
Date: 9th February 2007
Ellen Degeneres Show
Date: 8th February 2007
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Date: January 2007
Box Set
Date: 12th December 2006
Good Morning America
Date: 8th December 2006
Date: 2nd December 2006
London Tonight
Date: 2nd December 2006
Date: 30th November 2006
ZDF HeuteLeute + RTL
Date: 30th November 2006
Date: 30th November 2006
Mad Dog And Billie In The Morning Radio Interview
Date: 28th November 2006
Gwen Stefani in conversation with Maie Pauts Live at the Rehearsal Hall, Toronto
Harajuku Lovers Live DVD Bonus Material
Countdown To Live 1-6
Date: November 2006
Date: 11th November 2006
Date: 10th November 2006
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
Date: 2nd-3rd November 2006
Making The Video - Wind It Up
Date: 11th September 2006
ET Online Interview
Date: 11th September 2006
Access Hollywood Interview
Date: 11th September 2006
Extra TV Interview
Date: 3rd December 2005
T4 Icons Interview
Date: 26th October 2005
Gwen on MTV News, Denver/MTV Raw
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 8
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 7
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 6
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 5
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 4
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 3
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 2
Date: 2005
Gwen Stefani: Countdown To Live, episode 1
Date: 2005
Making The Video - Can I Have It Like That
Date: 8th May 2005
cd:uk Interview
Date: 2nd April 2005
Musica Uno Interview
Date: 29th March 2005
Pro7 Interview
Date: 21st March 2005
Late Show with David Letterman
Date: 22nd February 2005
Oprah Show
Date: January 2005
Fuse TV
Date: 4th December 2004
VIVA: Featuring
Date: November 2004
Date: November 2004
Date: November 2004
Tiscali UK
Date: 13th November 2004
Tout le monde en parle
Date: 5th November 2004
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
Date: 4th November 2004
TV Total
Date: 3rd November 2004
Sarah Kuttner Show
Date: November 2004
Excite Music
Date: October 2004
Making The Video - What You Waiting For?
Date: 2003
VH1's 'The Complete History Of No Doubt'
Date: 2003
Date: 11th December 2003
Jimmy Kimmel Show
Date: 10th-11th October 2003
Making The Video - It's My Life
Date: February 2003
Running TRL Premiere
Date: 17th August 2002
Summer Sonic Festival
Date: April 2002
Much On Demand
Date: 2nd April 2002
Making The Video - Hella Good
Date: 2nd February 2002
Saturday Show
Date: January 2002
Yahoo Music Exclusive Interview
Date: 2002
MuchMusic USA Interview Celebrity Tastemaker
Date: 2001
VH1's Deeper With No Doubt
Date: 11th December 2001
TRL Interview
Date: 15th-17th October 2001
Making The Video - Hey Baby
Date: 2001
Gwen Stefani co-hosts MTV & Rolling Stone's Top 100 Pop Songs
Date: 7th December 2000
MTV Fashionably Loud Interview
Date: 26th June 2000
Musiqueplus Interview
Date: 2000
MTV Latin America Interview
Date: 2000
MTV Interview
Date: May 2000
Channel V
Date: May 2000
House of Hits
Date: 2000
CNN Interview
Date: 2000
VH1's Behind The Music: No Doubt
Date: 2000
Herman TV Show Portugal Interview
Date: February 2000
TMF Extra
Date: January 2000
Making Of The Video - Ex-Girlfriend
Date: 1st October 1999
VH1 Studios Interview
Date: 1999
VH1's 100 Greatest Women
Date: 20th March 1997
Interview in Stockholm
Date: 1996
Access Hollywood Interview
Date: 4th February 1996
120 Minutes interview
Date: 1995
Bus interview on Warped Tour